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Design Presentation

D'zine Studio study the plans of the site and conceptualize the diverse themes and schemes that can transform the site as per the needs, wants and desires of the clients, documented and derived from the minutes of the preliminary meetings with them.

Design Finalization

The finalized concept is translated into graphics for visualization by designers, clients. The graphics of the conceptual design is also vital for material selection.
The next step is to create working team with exact measurements and parameters for guiding the workforce in proper implementation by clientele.

Cost & Budgeting

Detailed cost sheets are prepared from the information tabulated in the previous exercise and matched with the budgetary constraints given by the clients.
If there are cost overruns then a special exercise is undertaken in re-negotiating deals, using cost-effective substitutes etc., to fit the requirements within budget without compromising on scheduled material. In inevitable cases, the material requirements are modified to fit the budgetary constraints.

Time Lines

Programme Evaluation and Review Technique is used in sequencing the events and tasks that are essential in executing the design project. Critical Path derived through depict the timeline of the project. The events and schedules enable D'zine Studio in determining the supervision criteria and critical management parameters.